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The Snow Inside Me thumbnail. Greg Stahl.In a fraction of a second at 5:05 p.m. on January 7, 1984, the sleepy Appalachian berg of Huntingdon, Pennsylvania lost a promise: one boy gone, another left behind and the rearranged topography of a moment frozen in time. Verse and vision combine in The Snow Inside Me, a thought-provoking six-part memoir about a man’s unknowing journey to overcome a long-ago winter day. Stemming the mountains of Pennsylvania, Colorado, Idaho and the unspoiled vastness in between, the story is equal parts poetry, meditation and forward-driving narrative and incorporates the landscape as a powerful character of its own. It’s a tale of fear and courage, friendship and loss, misfortune and adventure. And, ultimately, it’s a story about love. Click here to read an excerpt from The Snow Inside Me.

  • Western Perspective. Coming in June 2013. (Estimated: 200 pages)

Western Perspective. Greg Stahl.In the massive expanse of the American West stereotypes hold fast. The farther one travels from cities or ski towns the truer they ring. The people are as rugged and independent as the mountains and rivers. The livings they carve can be as difficult as the arid climate that shapes their lives. The culture is a stew of frontier-bred attitudes and sensibilities blended with the economic realities of a global society. It’s a culture mixed in the cauldron of a landscape. The land has shaped its people, and the people have shaped their land. Click here to read an excerpt from Western Perspective.

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